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Video: Lingerie Football Players Julie Rolfe And Tamar Fennell Throw Blows On The Field

10/26/2011 at 9:41 am By

Some people have yet to take the Lingerie Football League seriously so far, although the ladies definitely take pride in what they do. If you have yet to catch a game it may be time to take notice. They play REAL football and the games are quite competitive and entertaining. They also can get a bit testy, as displayed by this fight between Tampa Bay Breeze player Julie Rolfe and Cleveland Crush’s Tamar Fennell:

Fennell sure has one mean right hand! If the LFL doesn’t work out for her she might have a career in boxing to fall back on. So not only do we get to watch women run around in lingerie while playing one of America’s favorite sports, we get to watch them fight too? Long live the Lingerie Football League!

B/T to Blacksportsonline and Guyism for the vid


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  1. Threadley

    on 11/26/2011 - Reply

    This sport is awesome. Perfect blend of athleticism and beauty for my senses. The girls are hot and athletic. It’s refreshing. I think I’m gonna have to become a loyal fan to the LFL. Keep up the good work ladies

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