Video: Dad Teaches Son To Play With Fire, Burns Romo Jersey

10/03/2011 at 8:45 am By

Sports fans can get intense when it comes to their favorite teams, and none more so than football fans. Here’s a video I came across on youtube of a father and son, both Cowboys fans, who have had enough of Tony Romo‘s costly mistakes. The father somehow thinks this is a good idea. Watch:

That kid can’t be older than 8, and that devilish giggle from him once the jersey caught fire scares me. When I was that age I was taught that playing with matches was bad, but that’s neither here nor there.

Cowboys fans have been on an emotional roller coaster with Romo so far this season. Week 1 Romo took most of the blame for losing to the Jets; weeks 2 & 3 he’s the hero for winning games with fractured ribs and week 4 he’s again the┬ávillain for throwing three second half interceptions to the Lions, 2 returned for touchdowns.

At some point though you have to get a grip. You can do a lot worse than Tony Romo and his 42-27 win/loss as starting QB. Just sayin’.


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  1. Deejay

    on 10/04/2011 - Reply

    Is Romo getting paid under the table based on the point spred? This shirt burning is basically symbolic of the Cowboys season – they will go down in flames. I just don’t see any consistency with the Cowboys. This is definitely not your father’s Cowboy team.

  2. Lorri

    on 10/22/2014 - Reply

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