Runner Disqualified For Taking Bus During Marathon

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How far would you go to gain an advantage in a sporting event? One runner did something that I figured had to have happened at some point in the history of marathons, I just hadn’t heard about it. Now I have. Yahoo! Eurosport UK has the scoop:

A man who finished third in a marathon was disqualified for taking a bus to the finishing line.

Rob Sloan produced an impressive time of 2:51:00 to finish third in the Kielder Marathon but all did not meet the eye.

After being spotted by a number witnesses, Sloan finally admitted that he started to feel tired after 20 miles of the 26.2 mile race, so he decided to hop on a bus that was carrying spectators to the finish.

He then hid behind a tree and waited for the first two runners to come through, before rejoining the race in time to pick up the bronze medal for third.

Steven Cairns, who really finished third, had this to say:

Cairns told the Daily Mail, “I approached a race marshal and said, ‘Fourth? Who was third?’ He pointed to this guy Rob Sloan who was being interviewed by ITV local news. I listened to the interview. He was saying how good a race he had run and how he couldn’t have given any more. When the interview was over I asked him if he had finished third and he said ‘yes.’

“I then asked him where he had passed me and he said he’d done so after the 15-mile mark, which was impossible because at the point I had opened up a five-minute gap. He didn’t say anything. He just turned away and walked off.”

I guess Sloan thought his cheating wouldn’t be as noticeable if he came in third instead of first? To make matters worse he initially denied cheating and called the claims “laughable”. At any rate Sloan is looking at the possibility of being booted from his club (Sunderland Harriers) and banned from further marathons for his shenanigans.

Harriers chairman Kevin Carr on Sloan:

“I told him to leave something in the tank after the 10k race the day before which he won. I did not expect the tank to be on a bus.”

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