Jacksonville Jaguars Players Say Houston Texans Are A “Dirty” Team

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The Houston Texans defeated the Jacksonville Jaguars 24-14 yesterday behind 225 yards passing and 2 TD’s (1 rushing) from Matt Schaub and 112 yards by Arian Foster, but the way they won seems to have angered a few Jaguars players. Defensive tackle Terrance Knighton and defensive end Jeremy Mincey said the Texans resorted to “dirty” tactics and made their feelings known after the game how they felt. The Houston Chronicle has the story.

“I still don’t like them, and I have no respect for them at all,” he said. “It was just the dirty stuff they were doing. I don’t want to get into specifics; I just don’t like them.”

It’s usually defensive linemen unhappy that the Texans perform cut blocks, which are legal.

Before the Texans beat Tennessee 41-7, Titans defensive tackle Sen’Derrick Marks called out offensive tackle Eric Winston and guard Wade Smith and accused them of purposely injuring him with cut blocks that he admitted were legal.

“They’re some nasty guys,” Mincey said. “I was on the ground, and some guy stepped on my head. They’re very dirty. All of them aren’t like that. It’s just a few guys. I can’t pinpoint anybody. I just got cheap-shotted a few times.”

Cheap shots and dirty play have been a recurring theme so far this season. Minnesota Vikings defensive End Brian Robison’s pockets are $20,000 lighter after this low blow. New Orleans Saints safety Roman Harper hit Steve Smith late on this play a few weeks ago. Ndamukong Suh, well he gets blamed for something dirty just about every week.

Unlike Sen’Derrick Marks, Knighton and Mincey aren’t calling out (atleast publicly) who delivered the cheap shots so we don’t know if the culprits are the same. Mincey looks to be taking the high road by saying he doesn’t plan to “stoop to their level” and retaliate when the two meet again late next month. As for Knighton, let’s hope he follows suit as the league has had enough incidents to review so far this season and doesn’t need anymore dust ups.

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