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Dolphins Teammate Yeremiah Bell Reacts To Reggie Bush Comments, Says RB “Stinks”

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Each week the Miami Dolphins look like they might make a legitimate run at the 2008 Detroit Lions that went 0-16. Last week they found a way to lose a game they were winning 15-0 with less than three minutes to go against Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos. Had they been able to hold on for the win the majority of the country wouldn’t have had a full blown Tebowgasm and videos like this wouldn’t have been made, atleast for another week or so. But Miami did lose and Reggie Bush had this to say.

“It’s just embarrassing, I don’t know any other way to explain it,” Bush said. “It’s an embarrassing loss. Had no business losing that game.”

“We were up 15 points with what, five minutes left to go? And we couldn’t win it? It’s disgusting.”

“Right now, this team stinks.”

I’m sure he was frustrated after a bad loss, as he should have been, but the bottom line is he’s right. Whether or not he should have said it is the real issue. The Dolphins locker room seems to be split on that subject. Safety Yeremiah Bell is one who feels Bush should’ve kept his comments to himself and had this response.

“He stinks,” Bell said emphatically after being asked what he thought of the comments by Bush.

“That shouldn’t be said around this locker room. We know that we’re 0-6 and we’re not playing the best but at the same time there’s no need for that,” he said.


If you look at the numbers Bell was right. Rookie Daniel Thomas leads the team in rushing (302 yds) despite playing in only 4 games. Bush has played in all 6 and has 232. His 3.9 yards per carry is hardly what anyone around the organization expected when Bush was brought in to to be a gamebreaker. The fact that Reggie Bush came from the Saints, who lost 5 games last year and 3 in 2009, is probably playing a part in his frustrations. Yeremiah Bell has spent his entire career with the Dolphins and it’s understandable to think he’s more emotionally tied to the franchise. Some players are taking Bell’s side in saying they wouldn’t publicly say Miami stinks. Atleast one is in agreement with Bush’s assessment.

The situation in the locker room sounds like it’s becoming as ugly as the team’s performances on the field have been.

Maybe more of this from #22 would help?





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