Bo Jackson Thinks Cam Newton Is Scary Good

09/02/2011 at 8:23 am By

Bo Jackson was a pretty good athlete in his prime. Some would even argue that Bo Jackson had the greatest combination of power and speed we have seen before a horrific hip injury brought what was shaping up to be a terrific NFL career to an unfortunate end.

As the saying from the popular Nike ad campaign from back in the day goes “Bo Knows”, and according to some recent comments on an appearance on “The Jim Rome Show”, Bo apparently knows pro scouting and thinks Cam Newton‘s abilities are borderline superhuman:

So according to Bo Jackson, Cam Newton has the throwing arm of a Greek God, can bulldoze his way through defenses and is faster than Michael Vick, despite Cam’s recorded 40 time in the 4.5 range (Vick ran a reported 4.36 during a rookie mini-camp). Jackson also thinks the Panthers have the receiving corps, running game and offensive line to be “scary” this season, although the only proven receivers the Panthers have on their roster are Steve Smith and Jeremy Shockey. No exactly what I would a collective group to fear. Not to mention the Panthers have a rookie head coach in Ron Rivera.

Bo may know a lot of things, but as talented as Cam Newton is Bo may be a little far fetched in his assessment. Bo also went to Auburn (where Cam won the national title and Heisman trophy last season)┬áso his point of view may also be a bit biased. The jury is still out on Cam so we’ll give Bo the benefit of the doubt. For now.


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  1. anhdazman

    on 09/18/2011 - Reply

    Bo Knows! Doesn’t seem so far fetched now Cam Newton threw for over 400+ yards in his 1st two starts?! He’s young, he’s learning, but the talent and skills are there.

  2. Bo Jackson

    on 10/25/2011 - Reply

    Bo Knows.

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