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Video: Brandon Jennings Goes Off-Glass-To-Himself For The Dunk

07/19/2011 at 8:54 pm By


Evidently Milwaukee Bucks guard Brandon Jennings was inspired by Kevin Durant’s off-the-backboard dunk out in Cali’s Drew League last month and decided to try and one-up him.

I’d say Jennings did a pretty decent rendition as he opted to go with a two-handed flush and added a few style points with a swing on the rim for good measure. Easy on the mug young fella, don’t hurt somebody now.


There is a chance we could get to see the two have an off-the-backboard dunk-off in next month’s Drew League vs. Goodman League matchup since both will presumably be in attendance. Judges get your scorecards ready.

Off-the-glass pass to Hoopmixtape.com for the video.

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