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It was only a matter of time before Adam “Pacman” Jones got arrested again and brought our unofficial list of NFL players arrested during the lockout to an even twenty. Here’s a look back at who’s worn silver bracelets since the lockout began on March 12th.

March (6)

13th – Chris Cook  – Minnesota Vikings CB – Thought it was cool to pull his gun out and show his neighbor.

17th – Mario Henderson – Oakland Raiders OT – Got pulled over for playing music too loud, arrested for having a concealed weapon.

19th – Bryan McCann – Dallas Cowboys DB – Got drunk, acted belligerent.

25th – Johnny Jolly – Green Bay Packers DL – Carried codeine

25th – Jason Peters – Philadelphia Eagles OT – Played music too loud, wouldn’t show license when got pulled over.

30th – Aqib Talib – Tampa Bay Buccaneers CB – Pistol-whipped a guy, then borrowed a gun to shoot at man fleeing on foot.


April (4)

3rd – Louis Murphy – Oakland Raiders WR – Unauthorized possession of Viagra. A few other things too, but that’s really all you need to know.

4th – Mike Vrabel – Kansas City Chiefs LB – Stole liquor from a deli mart in a casino.

12th – Kenny Britt – Tennessee Titans WR – Drove fast. Drove faster when an officer was chasing him.

19th – William Moore – Atlanta Falcons S – Drove fast..on a suspended license (double bonus).


May (3)

6th – Antwan Applewhite – San Diego Chargers LB – Drunk too much, then drove.

10th – Alex Magee – Tampa Bay Buccaneers DE – Didn’t hide the weed in his car well enough.

22nd – Garrett Wolfe – Chicago Bears RB – Refused to pay $1,600 tab at the club. Got an attitude when bouncers kicked him out for it. Attacked two officers who came to arrest him, leaving both with minor injuries. He’s 5’7” 185lbs.


June (5)

8th – Kenny Britt – Tennessee Titans WR – No, this isn’t a typo, he really did get arrested again. Pushed officers away and refused to let them handcuff him.

9th – Javarris James – Indianapolis Colts RB – Like Alex Magee, also did not hide his weed well enough.

16th – Brandon Underwood – Green Bay Packers CB – Ruined a good evening, that included receiving his Super Bowl ring, by abusing his wife.

17th – Raheem Brock – Seattle Seahawks DE – Thought no one would notice if he left the club without paying his $27 bar tab.

19th – Akeem Jordan – Philadelphia Eagles LB – Ran his mouth at a restaurant, then raised (and laid) hands.


July (2)

9th – Hines Ward – Pittsburgh Steelers WR – Drove tipsy.

10th – Pacman Jones – Cincinnati Bengals CB – Does it really matter anymore?


Word on the street is that the lockup lockout could be coming to and end soon. Agents and publicists around the league are hoping and praying so.





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