Shane Mosley Loses Championship Belts In Divorce Settlement

07/14/2011 at 2:00 pm By

Not only has Shane Mosley been on the losing end of his latest boxing matches, he is also losing the fight in the courtroom as well. Per TMZ Sports, Mosley’s ex-wife Jin Mosley will be awarded 3 championship belts as part of their divorce settlement. Ouch. Here are some details:

The settlement provides that ex-wife Jin “shall maintain custody and control of three championship belts for each of the respective parties’ three minor children.”  Each of the kids get a belt when they turn 18.

And Jin will get half of Sugar Shane’s cut of profits from videotapes and DVDs of his big fights, including bouts with Oscar De La Hoya, Miguel Cotto and Fernando Vargas.

Since the divorce was filed in California and community property rules apply, Jin gets half of Sugar Shane’s fight purses during their marriage.

Shane Mosley won’t have to split the $3mil he pocketed for his sparring match fight with Manny Pacquiao as the fight took place after the 2009 split, so there’s a small silver lining to an overall disappointing judgement. Not to mention the 21-year-old bombshell Bella Gonzalez that Shane has bagged, so I think Shane is sleeping well. Or not at all, depending on how you look at it.


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  1. maypac

    on 07/14/2011 - Reply

    IMHO, the belts is not really worth that much other than Mosley himself. I think if I/we put a money value to each of those belts, no offence but I think it would only be worth $3000.00. For Mosley himself all three are priceless.

  2. cheetah

    on 07/14/2011 - Reply

    yeah, shane’s new broad is a huge upgrade over that busted, no-booty havin, gold-digger ex-wife of his. she was stupid as hell on top of it. when she was his manager she had him fighting a bunch of low level clowns like collazo when he shoulda been going after big names.

    she was a straight triflin skank with no body. his new chick is a dime with T & A for days.

  3. PTR 91

    on 07/15/2011 - Reply

    Actually folks those belts are made of real diamonds and gold. They’re worth about $75,000 a piece, if I’m not mistaken.

    • maypac

      on 07/16/2011 - Reply

      FYI, NOT all boxing championship belt contain gold and diamonds. Check out ebay, I saw Rocky Marciano’s championship belt have a starting bid at about $900.00

      $75,000.00 I doubt it.

  4. Floshekia Barber

    on 07/15/2011 - Reply

    She should not be intitled something that she never got in the ring to fight for. The judge was wrong for that. Those belts mean nothing to her. She just wants to hurt Mosley. She’s selfish and a gold digger. She needs to learn to take care of herself and get a job. You didn’t see her in the ring and fight for those belts. They belong to Mosley and with Mosley they should stay. It should be his choice whether to give them to the kids or not. She gon take those belts to the pawn shop or try to convince the kids to do it. We gon see them on Hardcore Pawn or American Pawn trying to sell them. She’s pitiful, and crude and ridiculous. Its women like her that makes the rest of us look bad.

  5. Mike Mosby

    on 07/17/2011 - Reply

    Sugar Shane Mosley is a dummy. He needs a sista in his life. Some brothers never learn. He’s up there with Tiger and OJ.

  6. Alex

    on 07/21/2011 - Reply

    She should have to step into the ring and go at it with him a few rounds if shes going to take the belts. Least she could do since she did nothing to earn them. Funny thing about divorces, they split everything down the middle…but they don’t take into account that for couples like this where one produces and the other doesn’t..The wage earner has had to provide EVERYTHING for the household throughout the marriage. Take that into account, and she already spent her half.

  7. Cent

    on 08/05/2011 - Reply

    Damn gold diggers. That’s low to take the belts.

  8. Lance

    on 01/02/2012 - Reply

    This isn’t about money. This was a vindictive move to try and break a man down!

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