Ricky Rubio Making A Good First Impression In Minnesota

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Ricky Rubio received rock star treatment when he touched down in Minnesota, our friends over at Larry Brown Sports have the pics for you. Yesterday, he showed some love back to a few fans who will be cheering for him and the Timberwolves this season.

Rubio spent yesterday with three year-old Taj McPherson at the Build-A-Bear store in Bloomington’s Mall of America helping him construct a bear of his choice. After helping Taj complete his bear he autographed the box. While he’s probably too young to fully realize what happened, the McPherson family will surely explain the Spaniard’s generosity when he gets older. The McPhersons recently suffered the tragedy of losing their home in the tornadoes that hit the Minneapolis area. Thanks to a local project called Urban Homeworks, the family has a new place to stay and will surely be putting the gift cards they received to both Target and the mall from Rubio to good use.

A heartwarming end to a hectic week for the Timberwolves teen prodigy.

Trevor McPherson was understandably appreciative of the outpouring of support his family has received:

“Sometimes you have to go through trials and tribulations to go along further in life. It’s devastating. A lot of homes and a lot of people over in North Minneapolis is going through a lot. … But today has been a blessing.”

Taj was wearing a Dwyane Wade jersey when he met Rubio, dad plans to change that ASAP:

“He’s got to have that Rubio jersey. That’s mandatory.”

Young Taj McPherson definitely won’t be alone in sporting a Rubio jersey. Sporting goods stores in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area will surely be hard pressed to keep them in stock.

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