Timberwolves Draftee Tanguy Ngombo Lied About His Age

06/24/2011 at 2:03 pm By

In last night’s NBA draft, Tanguy Ngombo was selected with the 57th overall pick late in the second round by the┬áPortland┬áTrailblazers (with a pick they acquired from the Mavericks) and then traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves. The 6’6″ forward was listed by many expert draft websites as a 21-year old prospect out of Qatar with solid athleticism, but not much more was known about him, including his accurate date of birth. According to multiple outlets and information from Draft Express it looks as if Ngombo not only lied about his age, but also the spelling of his first name, as he was drafted under the name “Targuy Ngombo” instead of “Tanguy”. Here is a picture of his Fiba profile page for the upcoming 2012 Olympic games:







Qatar’s own player profile page for Ngombo lists him as being born in 1984, which would make him 26 and some change instead of the suspected 21. If this all is indeed true (which is looking very likely) then this means that Ngombo was ineligible to be drafted. Sucks for him and Minnesota. Somehow in what was shaping up to be a good draft for the Timberwolves, David Kahn strikes again.


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6 Comments so far

  1. John

    on 06/24/2011 - Reply

    A 21yr old Nigerian was playing HS b-ball in W TX.
    Ngombo sounds more like a Nigerian name than a Qatari name.

    • Poncho

      on 06/24/2011 - Reply

      Qatar gives citizenship and pays good athletes from poor countries to play for them

  2. Joey

    on 06/24/2011 - Reply

    He looks like 50 cent

  3. Yemi

    on 06/28/2011 - Reply

    John got it wrong. Ngombo is not a Nigerian name. Nigerians are very proud of their heritage. Lying about age is one thing we don’t do.

  4. rjkgf

    on 08/16/2011 - Reply

    Wolves thought they had a ‘Mutumbo’ i guess

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