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Charlie Villanueva And Ryan Hollins Fight

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The Detroit Pistons have had quite a year, especially Charlie Villanueva. He had that whole ordeal with Kevin Garnett earlier this season (remember this?) and with coach Kuester’s ever-changing rotation patterns Villanueva has found himself in and out of the lineup, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he has some pent up aggression. Looks like it all erupted last night against Cleveland Cavs center Ryan Hollins. Here’s video and details from the Detroit News:


With 5:47 remaining Villanueva set a screen on Hollins and planted a low blow on the Cavs center for retaliation of an earlier blow. The two became tangled and Villanueva even gave Hollins an old-fashioned face wash. Both players were ejected. Villanueva objected and ran off the court with Rodney Stuckey and Pistons security trying to keep him on the court.

But he broke away towards the Cavs dressing room. The problem is Hollins was still on the Cavs bench laughing at Villanueva. Later, Villanueva ran down the hallway from the Pistons dressing room but was stopped by police in the loading dock.

“I will kill that dude,” Villanueva screamed.

Later Villanueva calmed down and met with the media. “It was a heat of the moment thing,” he said. “He threw an elbow. I said ‘watch that elbow.’ He said something else. Heat of the moment. That’s about it.”

Villanueva said Hollins did not say anything derogatory and he said his outburst wasn’t a bout of frustration about the season. He was just angry. “At the end of the day I got upset,” Villanueva said. “It should have stayed on the court. I let my emotions get the best of me.

First things first; Charlie Villanueva isn’t killing anything. Secondly, hitting a guy in the nuts as retaliation for an earlier elbow is a low blow (pun intended) and a sucker move. If Ryan Hollins would have tee’d off on Villanueva I wouldn’t have blamed him. But I must give Hollins his props for remaining in the bench area laughing instead of engaging Crazy Charlie.

Villanueva has three years and about $24mil left on his deal with the Pistons and with new ownership it’s difficult to say how he fits into the Pistons plans for the future. There will probably be some roster turnover this off-season, and with Tayshaun Prince all but gone in free agency that may open some playing time for Charlie. Whatever happens hopefully he can rebound from this season and come back strong for 2011-2012.

Tthe Cavs won the game 110-101 if anyone cares. Though I doubt that anyone does at this point in the season.


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